Curriculum Vitae

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Citizenship: USA
Born in Minneapolis MN

Areas of Expertise:

Professional Piano Recitalist and Accompanist
Specialties: Finnish music, recent American music, Hanns Eisler
Double Bassist
Piano and Double Bass Teacher
Festival Organizer, Personnel Manager, Concert Booker, Fund Raiser
Finlandia Foundation ‘Performer of the Year’, as Pianist, in 1999
CD ‘Piano Music from Finland’, produced in 2002

Foreign Languages: German (fluent), some Italian and Finnish, a smattering of French

Northwestern University, Evanston IL Master of Music
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN B. A.

Additional Study:
Mozarteum Sommerakademie in Salzburg, Austria
Aspen Music School- Festival/ Aspen, CO
Dartmouth Congregation of the Arts/ Hanover, NH
ASOL Conducting Workshops: Minneapolis, St. Louis, Pittsburgh
Berliner Dirigenten Werkstatt/ Berlin

Language Study:
Université Laval/ Quèbec, P.Q./ (French Language Study)
University of Minnesota (Finnish Language Study)
Braunschweig Technical University (Italian Language Study)
William Mitchell College of Law/ St. Paul, MN (1984-85)

Conducting Professors:
Otmar Suitner: Mozarteum Sommerakademie in Salzburg (Three Summers)
Former GMB Staatskapelle Dresden, GMD Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin
Charles Bruck: Monteux (Domaine) Conducting School. Former conductor ORT Paris, Strasbourg Symphony
Richard Burgin: Jacksonville University. 30 years Concertmaster of the Boston Symphony and Associate Conductor
Additional Study: Pavle Despalj, Bernard Rubenstein, Peter Schwarz, Aspen Conducting Faculty (Mester, Blomstedt, Torkanowsky), ASOL Workshop Faculty (Daniel Lewis), Berliner Dirigenten Werkstatt (1993)

Piano Professors:
Bernhard Weiser: Professor, University of Minnesota/ Minneapolis MN
James Douglas Johnson: Private Study; then professor, Augsburg College in Minneapolis

Double Bass Professors and Teachers:
James Clute: Bassist, Minnesota Orchestra and Professor, Univ. of Minnesota
Joseph Guastafeste: Principal Bassist, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Warren Benfield: Bassist, Chicago Symphony and Professor at Northwestern Univ.
Lucas Drew: Dartmouth College, then Professor at University of Florida/ Coral Gables
Stuart Sankey: Aspen Music School; then Professor at University of Texas at Austin

Professional Memberships:
- American Composers Forum
- American Federation of Musicians/ Local 30-73
- Music Teachers National Association/ (MMTA); Master Certificaton
- International Society of Double Bassists (ISB)
- Hanns Eisler Gesellschaft/ Berlin
- League of American Orchestras
- Former Board Member, FinnFest USA (2005-2008)

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